Use Vident iBT100 to Test Hyundai Battery GEL CCA: Accurate

Have Vident iBT100 12v battery tester to test Hyundai Battery with GEL type and CCA Rating, the test result is good.


Here we go for procedure:

Connect the negative pole first, then the positive pole (Very important).

Vident iBT100 battery tester will boot soon.

Use Vident Ibt100 1


Have battery voltage: 12.5V

Use Vident Ibt100 2


Select battery location “In vehicle”, or choose “Out of vehicle” according to your need.

Use Vident Ibt100 3


Select the battery type: GEL.

Use Vident Ibt100 4


Select battery standard “CCA” (other options: EN, DIN, IEC, SAE, IEC, SAE, JIS etc)

Use Vident Ibt100 6


Input 640CCA by looking at the Hyundai battery label.

Use Vident Ibt100 7


Please wait…

Use Vident Ibt100 8

Use Vident Ibt100 9


Okay, have battery result: Good battery.

Volts: 12.56V

Measured: 787CCA

Rated: 640CCA

SOC: 95%



Job is done.


To sum up:

The test procedure is based on the actual battery parameters. Therefore, the test result by Vident iBT100 is very accurate.

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