Vident iAuto and iLink Scanner Adds GM till 2020 2021

Original Vident diagnostic & service reset tool (including iLink400 / 410/440/450, iAuto 702Pro/700/701/710/730) free update 2021 & 2020 GM car (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Holden etc). What it can do is to read codes, erase codes, live data, read ECU info, active test, special functions.



GM 2021 -2009 : Confirmed.


Applicable Vident devices:

-iLink400 (Full-system all-function diagnosis and service reset tool)

-iLink410 (Universal service reset tool, incl. ABS and SRS System Diagnosis, OBD II Diagnosis, ABS and SRS bi-directional test, ABS Bleeding, SRS Reset, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, EPB.)

-iLink440 ( 4 system diagnosis for all makes worldwide.)

-iLink450 (Full Service reset Tool, EPB, Oil Service, ABS&SRS reset, Battery Configuration, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, DPF regeneration and Throttle body alignment etc)


iAuto702Pro (Multi-Application Service Tool)

iAuto700 (Professional All System Scan Tool

iAuto 701, iAuto 710, iAuto 730 etc.


Seeing is believing:

We take Vident ilink400 GM scanner for example, select “Diagnosis” , then “Manual selection”, you will see there are option : 2021, 2020 … to 2009.

Vident Ilink Iauto Gm 2020 2021 Update 01

Vident Ilink Iauto Gm 2020 2021 Update 02

Firstly enter 2021 and have option: Chevrolet, GMC;

Vident Ilink Iauto Gm 2020 2021 Update 03


Then enter 2020 and have option: Buick, Cadilac, Chevrolet, GMC, Holden, Ravon.

Vident Ilink Iauto Gm 2020 2021 Update 04


Vident ilink400 will access to a bunch of control systems, here are some examples:

Vident Ilink Iauto Gm 2020 2021 Update 05


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